About me


Taye Bela Corby

AAMET Certified EFT Practitioner

Certified Art of Feminine Presence Teacher II

Gene Keys Ambassador

It took me decades to realize that many of the relationships I was in were not healthy for me. They did not provide the safe emotional environment I was needing and therefore I stagnated over time.  

A shift occurred when I became conscious of what I wanted most - to feel deeply connected and that this was what I wanted above all else.


I eventually realized that before I can feel deeply connected and intimate, I have to have a relationship with myself. What that means is knowing what I need and that it is up to me to get what I need and say what I need. I am practicing bringing myself out more fully, proactively and authentically. 

I've learned that when I am more aligned with my true desires, I tend to attract others who are more aligned within themselves and that the chances of creating dynamic nourishing relationships are much greater.


I am humbled by what it takes to create and sustain intimacy. It's a life-long mindful practice of being open, honest, conscious, connected within myself and present and grounded enough to share myself.