About me...

It took me decades to realize that many of the relationships I was in were not healthy for me. They did not provide the safe emotional environment I was needing and therefore I stagnated over time.  

A shift ocurred when I became conscious of what I wanted most - to feel deeply connected and that this was what I wanted above all else.


I eventually realized that before I can feel deeply connected and intimate, I have to have a relationship with myself. What that means is knowing what I need and that it is up to me to get what I need and say what I need. I am practicing bringing myself out more fully, proactively and authentically. 

I've learned that when I am more aligned with my true desires, I tend to attract others who are more aligned within themselves and that the chances of creating dynamic nourishing relationships are much greater.


I am humbled by what it takes to create and sustain intimacy. It's a life-long mindful practice of being open, honest, conscious, connected within myself and present and grounded enough to share myself

Taye Bela Corby

AAMET Certified EFT Practitioner

Certified Art of Feminine Presence Teacher II

Gene Keys Ambassador

Austin, Texas 78734

(415) 307-0592

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