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Penguin with No Eyes. Looking for Dad's Approval.


A penguin with no eyes was single stitched by me from a crocheting needle and 2 skeins of yarn.. One black and one white. Black body and white belly, large head and short neck, my creature even had a beak.

This was a celebratory moment for me when I was 8 years old. Crocheting, something I had never done prior, caught my fancy from Laura, my next door neighbor who crocheted the most beautiful things so easily.

I was excited to show my father what I made. I was really looking for my Dad's approval.

He did not see my great accomplishment.

Instead he said, “This thing has no eyes. Why don’t you ever complete any thing?”

While I remember this moment in my current life, many decades later, I appreciate the life I lost between then and now. Requiring his approval only led to my dying to the magic of creating something artful and beautiful.

What I know now is that I never needed my father’s approval. What I know now is that I need my own.

Penguin with no eyes is here with me now reminding me of my earlier accomplishment. Penguin with no eyes has been waiting patiently for me like a guardian for all these years.

Penguin with no eyes has expanded my vision to recognize the artist I am at the helm of creation.


Guidance from Penguin:

Received from the Dream Arc by Rosy Aronson, Ph.D.

We are Penguins. We come from far. In fact, although we have evolved here among the bird people of the Earth, originally we are not from this planet. Our consciousness is an echo of a faraway world among the stars. This is why we can only live at your extremes. As a true polar being, we are guardians of a sacred truth.

One day we will no longer live here on Earth but will return to our people once again. We await the time of the Great Change – the turning of the epoch in which the earth herself will be reborn. Poles will be reversed, male and female will realize they are essentially the same, individuality will become harmonized into unity. All opposites will be reconciled. We Penguins are great Dreamers. We hold the dream for humanity of a new future, a new human, a new era.

If you have drawn us into your inner life, then you are on the cusp of a great pivot – a way of seeing something in a new light. You have some deeply entrenched judgement about something and you are being called to surrender it. The poles represent portals for accessing the inner light of higher intelligence. This can only be done when there is no tension in your mind. What is the deep question you hold right now? Dream deeply into this question. Bring it to the fore and contemplate it courageously. You will see it in a new way, a radical way. Pivoting also involves an emotional breakthrough. Once you have shifted your mindset, your emotions will follow. Let the ocean of love inside you break the dam of your repressed emotional wound.

Now is the time to care for yourself. This process that you are in is delicate, deep and beautiful. You will need to parent yourself through the change. The breakthrough you make inside yourself is also a part of the breakthrough of the whole of humanity. We stand at a threshold. You have no choice but to face yourself. Look in. Be utterly honest with yourself. You have denied yourself love. Now let go of this long period of self-neglect and open the windows of your soul once again to the freedom. Dream into the coming future. Dream past the coming crisis. Dream big! Allow yourself to be totally reborn. We the Penguins are with you every wobbly step of the way!

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