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A Little Plug for My Partner's New Book The Miracle of Connection, The Birth and Life of an Intimate Relationship.....

OK. Daniel has been my life partner for 40 years. I have been an advanced

student of his work. The principles he offers helped me (with him) raise our two sons.

Yeah. When I stopped to think about what Daniel wrote, it was powerful and true. Everything changes when I’m confident and know what I’m doing. There is more to relating, connecting, and conversing than I thought.  The Miracle of Connection was the only relationship training I ever received or needed. Daniel woke me up, and helped me ignite the essence of my true power.

He turned me on to my "Dial". I never knew I had this assessment tool until he helped me locate it in myself.

(I created an acronym for my dial that I call S.A.C. You can read more about it by visiting my blog post The 3 Pillars of Healthy Relationships.)

I now have a Dial I can turn to take care of myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed, over-involved, or suddenly need to take an about-face, divest emotionally and redirect my energy to relationships and creative endeavors that nourish me.   

The Miracle of Connection is on my suggested reading list. This book will be especially valuable if you are interested in deepening your level of self-care and representing yourself in your relationships more accurately..

You can purchase by clicking on the cover image above.

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