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Taye Bela Corby

    Transformational Coach


In all relationships

 There's you,
There is the other,
There is the relationship you create together.

When there's you, 

you have a relationship with yourself.

You know where you are coming from.

You know what you're feeling.

You know what you're thinking.

You are conscious and present.

You are allowing yourself be known.

The conversations you have with yourself

are your guiding light to 

your deepest truth and longing.

Your responses are an expression of your truth. 

They bring you more fully to the moment.

The most important relationship is with your Self.

The Decision to Elevate your Consciousness,

Ignite your Creativity,

Heighten your Connectivity,

Is saying "Yes", 

To your new Best Friend.

Taye Bela Corby

Certified EFT Practitioner

Licensed Art of Feminine Presence Teacher

Gene Keys Ambassador

6611 River Place Blvd.

Suite 302

Austin, Texas 78730

(415) 307-0592

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