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Self-Care in relationship


Are Unresolved Feelings Sabatoging your Relationships?

Are You Feeling Under Valued?

Have you Been Avoiding Difficult Feelings, Conflicts, Differences and Conversations?
In All Relationships
There's You,
There is the Other,
There is the Relationship You Create Together.
The Most Important Relationship is with Your Self.
Relationships are Joint-Effort Creations.
Your Relationships with Others is as Good as the Relationship with Your Self.

It is Up to You to
Represent Yourself Accurately in All of your Relationships!


The Boy with the Big Ear young learner read-a-loud book

Young Learner Read-A-Loud

Ages 8-12 


The Boy with the Big Ear fully illustrated book

Fully Blown Illustrated 

Ages 4-9 




“Rhyme brings the story about The Boy with the Big Ear to life. The author demonstrates a flair for word play as she captures the challenges and rewards of a boy whose ear has been “grotesquely shaped since birth.” His special ear allows the boy to hear things no one else can.”

Cindy Penn

Word Weaving

The lovingly written poetic prose demonstrates how much it hurts to experience teasing and what a joy it is to have a fellow classmate look beyond our faults - to our inner self. The Boy with the Big Ear enables children to accept the differences in others and teaches children about the importance of self-esteem and kindness.

Eva Almeida

Book Reviews Weekly

The Boy With The Big Ear is a wonderful and sweet story about the importance of seeing past each other’s differences. It touches on why kids bully when Tom admits The Boy's ear scared him. The Rhyming makes it fun for kids without being preachy.  

Shelly Lefkoe

Founder, Parenting the Lefkoe Way

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