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Three Basic Questions to Ask Yourself to Deepen The Relationship with Yourself.

The following 3 questions can deepen your understanding of yourself, enhance your self-care practices, and foster more meaningful and authentic relationships.

This practice supports a self-awareness friendly environment.. A self-awareness environment embraces whatever inner experience you are having as welcomed.

1) What am I thinking? (physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically)

What am I feeling? (physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically)

Listen to Your Inner Voice. Focus your attention to the subtle cues and guidance that arise within you.

2) Given what I'm thinking and feeling, what would I prefer?

(Harness the insights you receive regarding conflicts, contradictions and paradoxes from your answers to questions 1 & 2)

3) Communicate openly about your experience.

Opportunities to share in an environment that is self-awareness friendly begins

with your willingness to do so. Self-awareness friendly environments can be with people, as well as your own artistic expression of whatever you discover.

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